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PCI-e 8-Port RS232 (Low Profile)
PCI-e 16-Port RS232 (Low Profile)
M.2 B+M Key to 4-Port RS232
M.2 M Key to M Key(PCIe or SATA) + E Key(PCIe) / Mini PCIe

PCIe 2-Port USB3.2 GEN 2 Type A&C(Low Proflie)

About Emagatech

Founded in 2004, eMegatech has had many years of experiences specializing in the research and development in the technology of the I/O controller cards. For many years, we have been marketing our controller cards in global market. The technology and quality we built into each and every one of our I/O controller cards has got a good wind assessment. In the early years, eMeagtech specialized in the USB, FireWire and hard disk controller interface. We have successfully designed and manufactured many types of controller products. In 2005, we established our own factory in Taipei. eMegatech has always maintained its technical standard, in order to continuously create the innovative products and provide the complete solutions. Our ability to design and manufacture gives us the edge over worldwide competitors. Not only can we provide the most complete product lines for our customer to select; we can also tailor made the spec to meet customer's need, which effectively increase the performance of the product. Many companies and other plus, hundreds of SI manufacturers are on our list of clienteles, due to our uniqueness on manufacturing.
To date, eMegatech has manufactured over 200+ selections of products, in order to prove its continuous dedication to improvements and quality maintenance, eMegatech has requested its RD team to produce averaging of 10+ products annually on new innovation and solution. With its dynamic energy and the best talents, eMegatech builds its big technological dream and achieve its vision. With the most innovative, reliable, and highest quality product to provide customer with the newest, the best, and the most cost effective solutions and services.

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